At Farmer Joe, we endeavor to ensure our undertakings are to benefit you, and “we won’t fake it till’ we make it true”. We are committed to providing Samoa with the best quality products and services at reasonably competitive prices to guarantee optimal value for money. Guided by this principle, Farmer Joe has integrated the conventional Samoan way of shopping unique to the people, with our business practices to model the way we function. All without losing the aesthetic touch a Supermarket should portray.

Behind the scenes, this is epitomised by our ability to operate in great volumes allowed by having our main wholesale in close proximity to ensure the cost of supplying a wide stock of everyday necessities to our stores is kept at minimal while, the valued benefits are delivered to you. In-store we offer choice, value and convenience with the availability of a wide range of goods offered at our Grocery, Bakery, Butchery, Liquor and Fresh Produce Departments catering for all household and consumer needs. Our family oriented and friendly in-store environment is accentuated by the helpful assistance of our experienced and approachable staff trained in hygiene and best practices. Paramount to Farmer Joe is cultivating a rewarding shopping experience for our valued customers who are mindful of that quality dollar.

Contact Information

Farmer Joe Fugalei

Phone: +685 26388, +685 21030

Fax: +685 26389

Fugalei, Across from Fugalei Market and Big Bear


Farmer Joe Vaitele

Phone: +685 26160

Farmer Joe Complex


A & V Ah Wa

Phone: +685 42248



Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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